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The First Law is in reference to conservation of energy. The First Law will teach you where energy comes from and how it can be used.

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The First Law will introduce you to themes, in the horticulture industry, such as gardening, landscape architecture, and permaculture practices.

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The First Law is your resource for finding more sustainable ways to live.

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New blog, new beginnings

The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club, but you are not Jack’s wasted life. The first law of energy states that energy can not be created, neither can it be destroyed.  What it can do is change in form, potentially giving off heat and gases as a result. This law of energy movement is the foundation of The First Law. Everything that we know is existing in some form of energy. From the food that we eat, the sun rays that warm our skin, to the gasoline that fuels our automobiles. The first law will explore the different forms by the study of horticulture, landscape architecture, permaculture practices, and may highlight a little bit of political activism because it’s important to ensure that our elected officials know that we as a human race deserve to live on a more sustainable earth.

I will take this first entry as an opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jabir Mohamedali, and no, no relation. While pursuing my degree I became very interested in urban gardening.  I interned at Crane Arts Company, where I learned about growing vegetables in an urban setting, maintaining gardens, and the value of permeable paved parking lots in alleviating the pressures on the municipalities storm water systems.  I began to study the benefits and construction methods of green roofs and green walls and how we could use them to make Philadelphia a better city to live in.  After graduating, I worked with Urban Jungle as their Horticulturist planting residential, commercial, and non-profit gardens that can be seen around Philadelphia.  I now serve as an Ecological Landscape Professional while also being the Sole Proprietor of a small business, The First Law.  My goal is to make efficient, small space gardens in Philadelphia.  I have spent the last 6 months developing a soil blend for Bennett Compost through various experiments with their compost, which is sourced from Philadelphia residents and businesses.


My ambitions now are aimed towards food production. I have been offered a farmer position for a CSA in a Bucks County homesteading community. I am deeply humbled and anxious to start using soil, water, and seed to feed 13 families. I write this a week before I leave on a cross country trip with my older brother Ali, who has been a big influence on my life. His passion, love, and dedication to family, community, and donating his time has been inspiring.  I look forward to spending nearly 3 weeks on our road trip to California.

While I’m happy to have the opportunity to spend the time with him, we will be saying see you later for the last time in 3 months.  Bittersweet, because I’m flying off to Hawaii to work for 4 months!  Some of you are thinking, “wait… I know math. Something doesn’t add up.” Well, for those of you who don’t know me very well, my sister is having a Maui beach wedding on my birthday week, so I’ll be seeing family and friends for my birthday week! I’ll spend one more month abroad then return in the Spring to farm and grow in Pennsylvania.

My hopes are to experience organic farming in tropical climates, but will begin with an opportunity to work on beautiful properties while I search the islands. I’m excited to start this journey, and I invite you to join me.

Feel free to email me with any suggestions questions or comments @